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Sirius radio updating channels

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My radio and reception have been flawless for my 6 month trial. That tells me that I am receiving a signal from the satellite. What do they say about your flawless 6 month trial? Funny you mentioned their fb page, I was waiting for it to load when I read this.

I DID hear the preview channel and it's phone number.

If your radio does not appear to be functioning properly, please try these helpful troubleshooting tips.

Please note, messages displayed on your Sirius XM radio screen may vary slightly from what's noted below.

Make sure your antenna has a clear view of the sky before sending a refresh signal.

Sirius XM radios have been designed to provide you with trouble-free performance without the need for servicing.

This battery is located under the tray in the back. I tried rebooting with Master Reset, but it did not help. Probably Windows CE and the Entertainment applications have memory leaks.

So I called my Ford dealer and a helpful service guy advised me to temporarily disconnect the auxiliary battery. In the attached photo, the disconnect point is the one nut to the left, not the two nuts down below. After disconnecting the battery, I noticed that radio stations would display their real frequency instead of "403" or the wrong frequency, as often happened previously.

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Vin also noted that David Johansen's show will be back. As a Sirius Satellite Radio subscriber, I received an e-mail on Wednesday "Announcing The New Sirius Channel Lineup" that confirmed my worst fears about the Sirius-XM merger.

Please note that when you turn on your radio for the first time on or after November 12, it may need 2 (to) 5 minutes to receive the update from our satellites.

During this time, the audio you hear may not match what is shown on your display, and you may see messages such as "updating channels." While the radio updates, please do not change channels, as this will delay the update.

Turn your Sirius XM radio off, then on, to reset this message.

A few of our listeners who have specific types of radios may experience minor technical issues once these channel additions and adjustments are completed.