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NOTE: This is considered an advanced scenario - make sure you read and understand everything here before trying it.

NOTE: If no scripts are run, Chocolatey cannot link the package to the software, so things like Auto Uninstaller will not be able to be used until you have also run an upgrade (unless you use "choco sync"Ā - see above).

Chocolatey for Business also has that can generate packages on the fly and baseline them to the system.

The sync command is also able to link up installed packages that are installed through this manner so they track the package to the software (something you won't get without running the install script).

Any of that usually comes down to the often confusing settings in Slic3r, so I will try to show you where you have to be careful, what settings cause problems and so on.

Before we even start messing finetuning we should assume the printer hardware is calibrated and the same is true for the firmware.3D printing is quite time consuming, so we neither want to spend time on messed up prints, nor on parts that do not match the dimensions of the 3D file.