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Anyone who has queued to view a flat for rent and not even received a call back knows the frustration of searching for accommodation in Dublin.
In 1992, Hewitt stepped up her profile as a singer—at least overseas—when she released her first album, , co-starring Whoopi Goldberg and Lauryn Hill.

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They delighted fans by linking up to speak about mental health issues as part of the Heads Together #oktosay film series.But Prince William and Lady Gaga's Face Time session did more than raise awareness of important issues - it offered a rare glimpse into the homes of royalty and one of the biggest music stars on the planet.

But even the most traditional arranged marriages are not usually so cut-throat.

Bending over and pulling a weight off the floor ranks as one of the biggest testosterone-builders on the planet.

Not only will it help to plant more muscle virtually everywhere on the body, it also helps to build grip and core strength, two huge benefits for nearly every lifter.

After Prophet Samuel realizes that Saul's and his descendants will not continue to rule Israel, he goes looking for another candidate.

Guided by God, Samuel finds himself in the town of Beit Lechem (today's Bethlehem), paying a call on a man named Jesse among whose sons the next king is to be found.