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As the story begins bulldozers are waiting to reduce your house to rubble to make way for a motorway bypass.

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Using new 3-D methods to analyze stone projectile points crafted by North America's earliest human inhabitants, scientists have found that these tools show evidence of a shift toward more experimentation about 12,500 years ago, following hundreds of years of consistent stone-tool production.

The findings provide clues into changes in social interactions during a time when people are thought to have been spreading into new parts of North America.

The new finding, reported by Smithsonian archaeologist Bruce Smith in the journal Science, indicates that planting began in the New World about the same time as in the Near East and China.

Since creationists and "intelligent design" advocates are still confused by this subtlety, it is heart-warming to see a book that clearly explains the difference between having a common ancestor and being descended from one another.

It remains one of the few early period sites to have been found and excavated in an upland as opposed to a riverine setting.

The Lind Coulee site stands as a hallmark in the study of early human occupation of the Columbia Plateau.

The book includes an expert guide to nine fundamental textile techniques, from rug weaving and tapestry to felt and bark cloth.

Each is clearly explained, using line drawings and close-up color details from actual textiles, to show how people from many different traditions have made and decorated cloth through the centuries.