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Judging by Miley’s new blonde doo and Justin’s well, typical ‘Bieber’ hair, the two can hardly be told apart. Apparently they also attract since Justin and Miley subconsciously chose the same hairstyle!

Miley and Justin have been friends for a long time now, so we could easily mistake their intimate friendship for something a little more… We wouldn’t want any false alarms like their have been in the past. Is it just me or do Justin and Miley look one and the same from behind?Miley Cyrus will never let anything come between her and close friend Selena Gomez.Cyrus recently rubbished rumours about dating Justin Bieber behind Gomez's back."Both Taylor and Demi know how heartbroken Selena's been, and they hate what Miley did to her," a source allegedly said."All four girls used to be friendly, but when Selena heard Miley started making moves on Justin, it went downhill." As per the source, Swift even went as far as trashing Cyrus's image over the rumoured betrayal: "Taylor isn't shy about telling people she think Miley is a skank," the source said. and actually responded when the DJ asked if the photos on TMZ showing Miley and Bieber flirting in public this weekend prove they're "more than friends."Her response: "I'm ENGAGED! Second, when it came to being more than friends with Justin ...