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Once I got things working with the Display Name of the field, I then noticed that I had a problem with the data disappearing after I would edit the properties of the document.

The main advantage I found here is, consider the document library and if you need to perform an automatic operation whenever a new document is added, you can do that in the Item Added event handler and modify the the list item and save it with the modified data within Item Added event handler, this works well with the multiple document updated as the multiple document update raises only Item Adding and Item Added, but in the case of single document upload, as a standard feature in document library, just after the document is uploaded, Share Point opens the list item in property edit page to enter the new property values, now since we modify the list item in Item Added asynchronously, the version of the list item in the property edit page is not the one we saved in Item Added event handler as a result when we attempt to save the new properties, we will get the unfortunate save conflicts.that update was supposed to be part of the version that the user just created by updating.Otherwise, every user update of the list item would bump the version number twice!The problem was- when I set the value of the field and updated the item, the Item Updated and Item Updating events fired up again, and again my code updated the item and so on and so on.I also wanted to avoid having the list item change version number following my code-update.It also provides some related Office Information, including VSTO and VSTA and other office application development tips.